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HSHS - Weekly Reports (18)

Sonntag, 24. April 2011

Date: April 16th - April 23rd 2011
Route: Bahamas – Acores
Author: Aline Schoebel

Week 28: April 16th - April 23rd

In this week relatively much happened for an Altanticweek. Because we didn´t have much lessons, we had to hurry up and learn for the two exams we had to write this week. One of the exams was  German and one English. For German we could study  very much but in English there was not much that we could learn. But we were lucky that we wrote the exams on the beginning of the week and so everyone of us was happy that we managed the last exams. In this week we also had to clean our ship on the day named “Großreinschiff”. Our Johnny was cleaned up very well because all of us would like to sail in the harbour with a sparkling ship. On the movie night, which was earlier than usually, we watched the movie “Wüstenblüme”. That´s a very good movie about the circumcision (Beschneidung) in Africa. In the middle of the week we also had very much wind in the night. There were about 40 kn. Just before arriving two pupils found about 30 kg flour so we could bake more bread for breakfast and dinner. Apart from that Adrian and I could bake our yummy yeast pastries called “Hefezopf”. In the end of the week we had our last lessons. Many pupils were very happy about that. On Thursday the “Stammcrew” told us that we couldn´t arrive in Hamburg on the 7th Mai and had to sail one week longer and would arrive on the 14th Mai 2011. Manypupils were very sad when they heard that but other pupils were very happy and glad about this. On Saturday came finally the best news for  weeks: Acores in view! Everybody was crazy because of that. And after a few  hours we arrived in the harbour in Horta of Faial and went on land. In the evening we celebrated our arrival on the Acores in the famous “Peter’s Café Sport” a bit. This was our week from the 16th April to the 23th April 2011.

p.s.: Many greetings to my whole family and all my friends. Adrian greets his brother, his sister and his parents. Stephan greets his grandma.

HSHS - Weekly Reports (17)

Sonntag, 17. April 2011

Date: April 9th - April 16th 2011
Route: Bahamas - Acores (North-Atlantic)
Name: Stephan Radegast

Week 27: April 9th - April 16th

Hi there, another week on the North-Atlantic. For more than two weeks we’re on the Atlantic again now. I think there’s nothing really important to tell. The wind was bad and we could not sail where we wanted. Our arrival in Horta on the island Faial of the Acores will be a little bit later I think and we have to hurry when we’re back in Europe again. Two months (both ways) on the Atlantic is a very long time. I think our group set a new record. Imagine these two months make out  30% of our trip. But I don’t think this is a waste of time. Maybe it’s a little bit boring but there’s something to do anytime. This week we wrote our last German exam. Also the second last exam on our trip. It was a poem analysis. We also had a lot of wind this week. So our middle sail, called “Schoner” got a rip so we had to put the second Reff in the damaged sail, because it will be repaired on the Acores. Nearly the same happened to our biggest sail, the “Groß-Segel”. We were lucky to have so much wind that we did not  need all sails. And later we had so little wind that we used our machine. Another crazy day was Wednesday. From eight o’clock to twelve I had to sail the ship. In this time we saw four sea turtles. There was no wind and the turtles were about 20 meters away from our ship. Really amazing. The whole day I stayed on deck with my good friends Jasper and Adi, which were with me all the time. In the evening we noticed 13 sea turtles, two different types of dolphins and whales, which we saw from far away. A wonderful sundown finished the perfect crazy day. This was one of the days I think I will be remember a long time after our trip. At the end of the week I hope we will arrive soon on the Acores, so we can join the Café Peter Sport and can contact our parents and friends.

Until then, lovely greetings from the North Atlantic