HSHS - Weekly Reports (12)

Date: January 30th - February 5th
Route: Puerto Jiménez/Costa Rica - Shelter Bay/Colón/Panama
Name: Jasper Mührel

Week 16: January 30th - February 5th

The week I am going to tell you about began on a Sunday in Puerto Jiménez. At quarter past seven we got up and left the town close to the Corcovado National Park with two buses. At the border to Panama we had to wait two hours to get our permission to enter Panama again. After one and a half hours of driving we arrived at the hostel in David. We had been in this hostel once before on the way out. To our surprise we ordered pizza after which we went swimming. On the next day we had the whole day off so we went shopping, we were on the internet or swam in the pool. In the evening we had a wonderful BBQ.

The next day was not different apart from the BBQ and Charlie and me went to the dentist because of our brackets. The room of the dentist did not look very clean but the doctor seemed to be competent what was wrong because my two new brackets fell out two hours later. Unfortunately, we had to leave David on the next day. After six hours in the bus we arrived in Panama City where we stayed for one night. We all were full of anticipation to be on the Johnny soon when we left Panama City on Thursday and we were all happy to arrive in Shelter Bay/Colón. After the first night on our ship again we went swimming in the Marina´s pool and stored the food for our trip to Honduras. Today, we filled our tanks and left Shelter Bay. On sea we set sails and it was a glorious feeling. Honduras, here we come!


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