Little Things

Datum: 28. November 2016, (Tag 52)
Position: 20° 37,1′ N, 051° 20,0′ W
Etmal: 117 sm
Wetter: Luft 26°C, 1018 hPa, wolkig, Wind NE 2-3 Bft.
von Leo

navigare1Hey, I was asked to write in English, so I will do so: Every day looks pretty much the same. My biggest burden is realizing the fact that I am in the middle of the ocean and the waves… The god damn waves! Nevertheless, like I said, my days are rather monotone. I wake up, do my job and go back to sleep.  It is the little things that make my day. If, for instance, I am on the lookout and dolphins or whales swim by, it is like eating ice cream for the first time, I can’t but smile. This is what makes our trip so special. I see wildlife in a way that I have never seen before. I eat fish recently caught and have I already mentioned that I saw whales? Dolphins are not the only things providing me with plenty entertainment though, the crew is also very lively and humorous. Whenever there are more than four students in one room, the laughter can be heard throughout the whole boat. For that reason, I am already excited for Martinique, it is going to be a lot of fun! However, I do not mean to brag too much, I can just tell you that I am having a good time out here. See you,

P.S.: Congratulations from Melanie to her brother: „Happy birthday, Mark!“