Never give up, unfold and emerge as a unity

Datum: 1. April 2019
Position: 34°05,0’N, 049°33,5’W
Wetter: Sonne, Luft 21°C, Wasser 20.5°C
Etmal: 152 sm
von Michi

Liebste Daheimgebliebene, zur Abwechslung senden wir euch heute ein Gemeinschaftsprodukt aus dem Englischunterricht in Anlehnung an den Film „Into The Wild“:

7 months they sail across the globe. No phone, no TV, no parents, no pets, no privacy. 36 people, 36 meters. Ultimate freedom!? An extreme situation. Hungry for new experiences they venture out to discover and finally surpass their own limits. Students turn into adventurous voyagers whose home is the ocean. Away from friends and parents, they travel to unfamiliar places, experience different cultures and face their own personal challenges. They are living on the wind with the ultimate goal of self-discovery. A spiritual pilgrimage towards themselves. The challenge is to never give up, unfold and emerge as a unity. Within this unique environment, strangers turn into friends. And friends turn into family. They share their happiness, sorrow, love, anger, knowledge, fear, optimism and dreams. Most importantly, they learn to listen to their hearts and truly be themselves. No longer to be guided by egoistic believes, they experience the immense power of cooperation. Mastering this quest is what they came here for in the first place. And there is no return, as depicted by their credo: “navigare necesse est”. Continuously on the road, they follow the sun, leading them further and further west. They experience, they struggle, they fall, they learn, they conquer their fears, they find solutions, and they grow.

And now, after 5 freaking awesome and intense months full of sun, storms, snow, wind and rain, they face their final and greatest adventure: The Northern Atlantic with its storms and rogue waves. An extreme challenge for each and every one of them. Surrounded solely by the power of the elements, they turn into a community of friends for life. They will step beyond their own limits and return with a backpack full of experiences that no one could ever take away from them. Favourable winds will eventually bring them back home to their parents, brothers, sisters and old friends. After 7 months they finally return to where it all began, with a completely new perspective on life. After growing together as a family, with all the associated ups and downs, it won’t be easy to let go. But change is inevitable. Being part of the High Seas High School made them who they are right now. And a new chapter of their lives with all its possibilities and opportunities is unfolding right in front of them.

Mit lieben Grüßen aus dem Englischunterricht

P.S. Migi grüßt die Harsen WG!