Happy Birthday!

Wie sich das gehört, feiern wir an Bord unsere »Geburtstagskinder«
mit Kaffee und Kuchen!

Am Sonntag, 2. August  wurde Nina 14.
Am Montag, 3. August feierte Magnus seinen 15. Geburtstag!

Liebe Nina, lieber Magnus:
Wir wünschen Euch für alle Zeit:
Mast- und Schotbruch!


Mit Gegenwind Richtung Westen

Ostsee, 3. August 2020

Es lässt sich nicht verhindern: Wir sind wieder auf dem Rückweg! Die Nacht haben wir noch vor Hiddensee (Dornbusch) geankert. Und jetzt ist unser Schiff wieder auf dem Weg nach Westen, wo unsere Reise irgendwann zu Ende gehen soll.
Wer unseren Kurs auf »MarineTraffic« oder »VesselFinder« verfolgt, wird jedoch feststellen, dass uns für die Rückreise kein Weg zu lang ist: Der Wind kommt nämlich mit drei bis vier Windstärken genau daher, wo wir hin wollen. Uns soll es recht sein!




We are already 16 days at the ”Seute Deern“. We told you a lot about daily tasks, expeditions or other things that we have to do here. But we have to tell you about something else, something important: our traditions. We want to start with the differences between normal life and life on the ship. At home we can do what we want to do, but at the ship we have to do what our captain says. We have a strict hirarchy here, and that’s important, because everybody has to know what he or she has to do.

We have an example for you: When we lift our sails, everyone knows what he/she should do, and who is allowed to correct you. Another difference is between normal ships and traditional sailing boats. We always see the captain at the starboard-side, the ships, were we are sailing with are old and refitted boats which are not build for modern economy, because of their special way. So we are doing a lot of old stuff here, like speaking in an old language, how the generation of our great-grandparents did, and we are lifting the sails like them: so from the back to the front.

On our little traditional sailing boat, which is called the ”Seute Deern“ we have a lot of traditions, too. Our watch-system is always the same one: at the time before noon, we always have four hours in a watch. In the afternoon and night, we always have three hours in a watch. Another tradition on the ship is, that every guest who is on board is helping at our ship, so that we never just transport people. We have to work a lot here, because there is no engine, which is heaving the anker and there is no machine which is lifting the sails, and no one gets money to prepare the ”Seute Deern“ in winter, but there are actually a lot of people which are helping.

For us our trip is a special one, so we have our own traditions, too. Before we start breakfast, lunch and dinner, we have a quiet minute, in which we can think about our day, our thoughts or our mood. We have a very funny list to, in that we can write every insider joke on the ship, so that´s really cool. To end our day we fill the ”happy box“/ Glücksbox: Everybody writes down their happy moments of the day and puts the piece of paper in the box. Now in week three, we startet to read the papers from the first weeks. It´s amazing to read those notes. Our days are always ending like this, so our text should end like this, too.

Text by Tjede