The Diary Entry Contest 10.07.18

Dear Diary,
Today was a good day. We sailed a lot over the rough and taff sea, but everyone felt well. In detail: In the morning we lifted the anchor. We needed all hands for that! After that we hoisted the sails and sailed about 8 hours. It was going to be a bit boring. But we played a game: It was about a plague rat and you had to guess who the rat was. It was me 😉 I killed everyone on one day! At night we threw the anchor again and fell asleep one hour later.
By Aurelian

Dear Diary,
Today I woke up at 3:45 a.m. We, Tizia (Pepe) and me, guarded the ship between 4:00 a.m. and 6 a.m. After that we slept again until the “Backschaft” prepared the breakfast. Then we had to clean our bedrooms and the mess. The weather was good and the A-guards practiced to hoist the sails. Because of the ropes my hands hurt very much.
For lunch we ate noodles with tomato sauce. In the mess we played funny games for example “Double”. We also thought about nicknames for the others. Later in the afternoon, we’ll weigh anchor and have an English lesson. We’ll play the game of the “plague rat” again, too. I’ll tell you more tomorrow.
By Clara

Dear Diary,
Yesterday I had a wonderful day. But it was a bit stressful to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning. Robert and I had to pay attention that nothing bad happened. At 6.40 a.m. we woke Kathi and Jacques. They were pissed because they didn’t want to get up.
I went back into my warm & cozy bed. After one hour we were all woken up by Kathi and Jacques. At 8 a.m. we enjoyed a great breakfast. I ate a piece of bread an an apple. I rank a cup of tea. All of that was very delicious!
After breakfast we had an “all-hand-maneuver” and we weighed the anchor but before we hoisted the sail. To weigh the anchor was very exhausting but the whole crew helped an everyone did it very well.
Later on we started to sail and it was very impressive to see how big the sails were. Before lunch Madita, Kathi, Jacques, the others and I played many games. That was fun!
At 12.30 we ate lunch: rice and something with chicken.
After lunch we went outside and watched if something bad happened because actually Madita had to do that, but we, the others, were bored. At 3 p.m. we had to pay attention and it was very cold, one thing I didn’t like about yesterday.
One hour later we had English lesson and we played “Bingo”. After playing “Bingo” we read a text and we had to underline words we didn’t understand. Furthermore we marked the sentences you could use in a diary entry. It was a bit boring because the exercises were too easy. We also got homework… we should write this diary entry.
After English lesson I wrote the weather and the location where we were into a book. We were finished at 6 p.m. and we ate dinner. I ate a piece of bread and some salad.
After having dinner we cleaned up the table and went outside. I joined Madita, Nico, Rober, Justus, Aurelian because I couldn’t sleep and they were outside.
Before joining them I brushed my teeth and washed my face. During the time I stayed with them we talked a bit (quietly of course) and we played some (stupid) games.
At midnight we went inside. Madita came to me and we talked.
Well, I enjoyed this day a lot. It was a very funny day and it was nice to do things with the others. I was very happy when I had my mobile phone. During the time we had our phones <3 I phoned my mum, because it was her b-day and later I talked to some friends.
All in all I think this day was very FANCY!
By Jule

Yesterday we started sailing on the sea in the morning. After breakfast we played a special game. The black death rat! It was chosen to be Aurelian who had to kill us. In the evening we all were killed – so he won. He got two packages of sweets and one postcard. There is a book that is called “the black death“ and the writer was called Camus, so Aurelian was Camus. Tomorrow we want to play it again, because it was so much fun. Tonight we have to guard the ship. From 21 o’clock to 24 o’clock we will have to work hard.
By Marilie

Yesterday we hat lots of fun. It was for most of us the best day so far.
We started sailing in the morning. We sailed onto the open ocean. There were lots of waves and the weather started getting better. The food was very good in the morning. We had bread with tea and for lunch we had curry and chicken with rice. For dessert we had a berry mix with vanilla sauce. It was very delicious. I had to help the cook in the kitchen with Hark and Justus. It was fun but also very tiring. We sailed past a very big bridge which crossed the sea, it was beautiful! We let down the anchor somewhere in Denmark. We had a wonderful view with a beautiful sunset at 10 pm. Ben and I had boat watch.
By Felix

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